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Olos Logos

Two ancient Greek words expressing the synergy of body, mind and soul in which we believe, the philosophy we have planted, nurtured and rooted in our soil, in harmony with nature, history and traditions. 


I am writing to you from an ancient stone farmhouse tucked away among the gentle green hills of Tuscan, where I have spent a week I will never forget.
In this agreeable place, everything is a mirror reflecting history and ancient traditions. I slept under handwoven blankets and washed my face in the morning with spring water and olive oil soap, made from the very same olive trees that cast down their roots in the fields where I spent my afternoons reading and meditating.
I don’t want to tell you all about what I did there: I’ll let you find out for yourself when you come here. But what I will tell you is that your body will find the restoration, and your mind the rest, that you deserve.


Olos Logos Retreats invites you on a voyage in which you lose contact with everyday life as a Way of finding yourself (again). Yoga, Writing, Photography and a thousand Adventures in which to lose yourself!


We live on what our land gives us.

The Water of our springs and the pure Air the wind brings from the forests of the Casentino nourish our Vegetables, Fruit, Olive Oil and Wine, grown with organic farming methods.


Being married here has a more profound significance. It is an act of faith, of rediscovery of lost values, and at the same time a great celebration in an unforgettable, authentic atmosphere of times gone by.

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